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Volkswagen Crafter CX15ALO (Colwyn Bay HQ)

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23.08.2020 (Ford Transit, Vauxhall, VW Carriers, Driver Training Courses)
22.08.2020 (BMW, Ford Kuga, Land Rover, Peugeot 308, Volvo)
10.08.2020 (Ford Kuga)
04.08.2020 (Driver & Rider Training Courses)
17.07.2020 (Miscellaneous - Joint Underwater Search Unit)
23.05.2020 (Ford Focus, Peugeot 308, Vans & Carriers, Other Emergency Services)
21.02.2020 (Peugeot 308, Other Emergency Services)
09.02.2020 (Driving School, Gwynedd, Ford, Land Rover, Volvo)

NWPVA is a joint project between Peter Coole, a retired North Wales Police Officer, and John Godwin,
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